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Welcome to HJM Technology site, here you will find everything your need to make your technology projects viable.

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IT Pioneer

HJM Technology has been on the IT Market for over 38 years, carrying out cutting-edge technological solutions for its clients.

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We enable our collaborators to develop innovative proposals and projects aimed at launching the market.

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We guarantee:

Market Segments

We are ready to serve national and multinational companies of small, medium and large size anywhere in the world. We have flexible teams and ready to start the work according to the project schedule. According to the project, we set up an in-house base, acting together with the client, promoting the rollout in the scheduled time without production or operation rupture.



We can help your business increase productivity by mapping processes and identifying points of improvement. We do not sell packages: we build together with customers the best IT solution to meet your need.

HJM Technology is focused on the results of each client, seeking operational efficiency to generate better results. We not only deliver the diagnosis by pointing to solutions, but we also implement them.

HJM is very proud that in these 38 years it has acted in the most diverse segments, building real results in companies such as: Petrobras, Tim Brasil, Kinoplex, Senac-Rio, among others.

The goals of our consulting projects are:


Each company has unique rules and specificities. When you opt for a ready-to-use software package, the company must adapt to the system. Because it is a "standard" solution in the market, some specifics will not be well met and arises the need to customize. Customizations are expensive and often the solution is to go to spreadsheets. Thus, the information becomes decentralized and to gather and consolidate everything is wasted a lot of time.

Do not let spreadsheets dominate your business decisions. HJM converts information from your electronic documents into official reports.

We not only build software tailored to the exact needs of your business, but we also integrate with any other system. Thus, your company's strategic information is consolidated on a single basis, boosting speed in decisions.


We work with the methodology of Agile Development (eXtreme Programming & Scrum) that assures greater focus in the phases of the project and guarantees speed with quality in the deliveries.


Nowadays the tools developed for companies do not necessarily bring the desired results. It is often necessary to fully understand the problem. HJM is much more than a software developer: our focus is on the customers final result.

The end-to-end solution is an integration of all the activities that HJM offers:


During these 38 years we had the challenge and the opportunity to develop and launch many high technology products and corporate systems.

Learn more about our products:

Call Opening Tool

Integrated Ticket System - This system is a powerful call opening tool (complaints, repairs, cancellation of services) with the attendance workflow customization option. Areas of activity: call center, support for internal or remote clientes.

Network and Telecommunication Management

Rollout Tracker - Support Systems for Telecommunication Network Management Areas. Includes contracting activities, scope of work, perimeter, face-to-face surveys, preparation of preliminary projects, customer approval, executive project, purchase and delivery logistics, installation and acceptance.

Budget Management

Budget Tracker - Budget management solutions for medium and large companies.

Electro sustainable systems

Eolos and Apollo - Databases with solar incidence map, winds speed and direction in the national territory. Serves as support for the elaboration of sustainable energy projects.

Report Generation

Report Tracker - Solution to create reports, dashboards and indicators; Indicated for managers who are tired of receiving presentations with manipulated data.

Audit Systems

AnyForm - Solution for the audit areas, supervision and monitoring of processes such as: works, field evaluations, external services, among others. Segments: vehicle concessionaires, urban transport companies, audit and inspection companies, public agencies, civil construction.

Project management

Project Tracker - Solution for project management, points of attention, action plans, tasks.

Delin and NF invoice reconciliation and contract management

Contract Tracker - Solution for contracting dedicated line industrial exploration, managing issuance and reconciliation of dedicated line industrial exploration invoices, invoice tracking and contracts.

Virtual Showcase

FIT View - Application developed to promote the experience of a digital showcase for retail stores.

Digital Signage

MDI.tv.br - Digital Signage System that is composed of two modules. A server for content distribution and a player that receives, distributes, and displays digital content.

CRM system (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Indicates - Marketing CRM platform focused on a closer relationship with customers and prospected market. The system allows a series of actions of offers, with redemption of gifts or discounts monitoring. The system contains complete dashboard with real-time tracking reports

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project 1


Customer:TIM Brasil

Network Information Governance System - BI and ETL product that captures information from multiple platforms in a single environment for automated management reporting, indicators and controls.

project 2


Customer:TIM Brasil

Workflow tool for pre and post-activation stages of TIM sites

• Transportation Orders Flow (OT), owned and leased means;

• Flow of hiring and management of payable rent from Links;

• Processing and approval of invoices module.

project 3


Costumer:TIM Brasil

Project management system, used in the OSS area ​​, to control and manage demands, generating performance report and status reports for its internal clients.

project 4


Costumer:TIM Brasil

System used in Network Facilities Engineering for analysis and technical feasibility study, to meet the demands, implementation of own and leased network, pointing out the network facilities and the points where there are capacity increase needs. Network administration can be done in the form of maps integrated with the Google API.

project 5


Costumer:TIM Brasil

Technical and Economic Approval System - Tool for management use, with SAP interface (via robots), used to control the budget allocation in the Network Area Capex PEP. It has a management databook dashboard that summarizes in a single report the budgeted vs. deployed view.

project 6


Costumer:TIM Brasil

It manages a database of urban and environmental licenses by address, with the issuance of control reports. For example: expired and expired licenses, licensing status by region and by type of license.

project 7

Tracker VAP


Product developed for Web and Android operation for survey, audit or research. Focus on the companies that hire these services from third parties offering an off-line platform to perform the tasks with synchronization with the server, as soon as the tablet / cell phone connects to the network. Application: Construction supervision service, internal audits, market research, surveys in general, etc.

project 8



System developed to attend the digital signage market. The software enables the sending and management of interactive contents through the internet in a dynamic and agile way. Clients: Grupo Severiano Ribeiro (Kinoplex), UTIL Transportes, Via Rio and Rio Sul Shopping Tower. http://mdi.tv.br

project 9

Cliente Indica

Produto:Cliente Indica

System developed to work directly with social media and mobile devices. Allows integrations with Facebook / Twitter with iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

project 10

SGA - Service Management System

Costumer:Senac Rio

Manages the operation of an educational unit of Senac Rio (classes, students, teachers, agenda, etc.). There are 60 service units throughout the state of RJ that operate autonomously. Periodically, the data is replicated to a business intelligence base at headquarters.

project 11

ECP - Costs and Time Estimates


Controls the entire process of drawing up competitive bidding for projects that go beyond the President's approval, such as platforms and pipelines.

project 12



Budget processes control, payable accounts, receivable accounts, scholarship control, human resources and accounting.

project 13


Costumer:PUC-Rio Padre Leonel Franca Foundation

We are a research laboratory on sustainable energies (wind, solar, mixed, etc.)

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    Tracker VAP

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    Cliente Indica

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